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Folder Organization

The Grimport Crawler folder contains multiple files and folders as shown in the picture below.

  • The first folder is analysis logs. In it, you'll find multiple folders corresponding to every time a script has been run. In the picture below, we have an example with the script Test.
  • Every folder has three .txt files.
    • log Grimport.txt which is a log of what you see on-screen when using the crawler.
    • log_others.txt which is a log detailing the Java used.
    • wizard_options.txt which will be blank if no wizard options were used or will show the wizard options if used.
  • The second folder jre and the third folder lib contain files and folders necessary for Grimport Crawler to work.
  • The fourth folder is progressions. When you press the save progress button during a crawl, a file is created in progression which saves your progress and allows you to continue your crawl next time you launch the script.
  • The fifth folder is script history containing folders for every site that's been added, a local scripts folder and one
    Inside each site folder, there's multiple folders for every script the site has. This is the same case for local scripts. Inside those folders is a .txt of every version of a script that has been saved along with the client's information and other parameters.


















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