Download Grimport Crawler

This tool allows you to launch a robot on an entire website to extract information and bring it back to your site. You can program scripts in Grimport, them will be executed on each page.

Download Grimport Crawler 1.2.8-alpha (Windows)

Download the run.jar for Grimport Crawler (for Mac and Linux, double-click on the .jar)

Compatible Windows, Mac, Linux. Prototype XIGC1.2.8-alpha certifié 869f3a6553a3d5da2300577f046d65ce.

For more information, visit the Grimport Developer's Guide, or ask us for programming assistance.


How to use it on Mac and Linux?

You will download a run.jar file. To be able to run it you must have installed Java. You can launch the tool in CRON or manually by entering the following command in the console or the terminal:

java /my/path/to/grimport/run.jar


Licenses and developments

The Grimport suite is currently provided free of charge by our company. idIA Tech offers a free license during the development of its prototypes. It is not an open-source GPL software, however, it is a proprietary license (see our Terms of use). You can use our prototypes which are functional but may still contain bugs. Do not hesitate to report malfunctions to us.