What is Grimport?

Grimport is an interpreted language coupled with a crawler. In other words, with this tool you have the possibility of browsing all the pages of an Internet site, and of executing on each of the pages a small program, called "script", coded in Grimport.

Grimport is a light and simple programming language that derives from Groovy. It is therefore very similar to Java and Javascript.

Grimport is the language of choice for web miners. You can make your site or your data interactive. They change according to the information displayed on remote sites which do not necessarily belong to you. You may need permission or not from the owners of these sites. For example, when you run a Grimport script on the e-commerce site of one of your suppliers, the product descriptions and other information are not protected by copyright and can be freely imported (right of commercial data).

GrimportThe Grimport was originally designed for e-merchants. Among other things, it makes it possible to automate the management of the catalog according to the site of its suppliers, or even to monitor competitors to stay competitive on prices. It is a very powerful tool which facilitates the management of small- and medium-sized enterprises. It is sometimes essential to reach a point of return in this sector.

Other sectors are massively interested in this programming language: the banking sector, public services, the medical field, the marketing sector, humanitarian aid, etc.

To run and program in Grimport, you must first download Grimport Crawler. If you wish, it is possible to interface your website with our tool. To do this, go to your website in the configuration of a module compatible with our tool, and enter the communication link that appears in our software. Otherwise, you can write local scripts, for example to group the information displayed on remote sites in a CSV file.

Interfacing with your site can often do great things. For example, you can create an article on your blog that mixes an HTML template written in a text file on your PC desktop, the information on the populations of different cities obtained on a reference third-party website, and the data given in your own database; all this with just one click!

With Grimport you can do PHP in Java! It is indeed possible to execute a PHP code on your site in the middle of a local script in Grimport.