soapRequest ( string urlEndPoint , string xmlns , string soapAction , map entry , string _loginPass ) : string

Send a SOAP request.


Use SoapUI to test SOAP requests.

entry argument

In this argument create associative array of associative array.

In this big array, keys describe tags and values of the array are values innerHTML (generaly values of argument of the webservice)

A key can be a string, if there is a prefix indicate it in, for example "m:myWebService"

A key can be a non associative array (the name of tag and the URI), for example ["m:GetLastTradePrice",""] will be <m:GetLastTradePrice xmlns:m=""> in the SOAP request

Here some traditionnal SOAP entries :




   xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:m="">
       <m:GetLastTradePrice xmlns:m="">








the url where you consum the webservice (generaly an amsx/wsdl)


the url of namespace (generaly the domain name) for xmlns attribute


the url of soapAction (generaly the domain name + the service name) for soap header


body of the SOAP request

_loginPass (optional)

if you have an authentification indicate the string login:pass, for example franck:5rkjfRH4

Return value

If there is just one value returned it returns this value. Else, it return all the SOAPBody and you will must manage it