How to program in Grimport?

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The Cloud

The Cloud allows you to run your scripts on idIA Tech's servers rather than on your own PC.
This allows you to preserve your resources (CPU, RAM, Web traffic) but also to avoid automatic restarts in the middle of the crawling.
You will be able to access your old crawls and remotely monitor your crawls as if they were running on your machine. You can also schedule your crawls at regular intervals thanks to a CRON.

Here are the different steps to run your scripts with the cloud:

  1. Copy your cloud code from your Idia Tech account in Grimport Script Editor parameters
  2. Choose the scipt to run then go to the Cloud tab
  3. To launch the crawling:
    • You can click on "Launch in the Cloud"
    • Or click on "Schedule regularly in the Cloud" to schedule your crawling


It is possible to change the behavior of the script in normal mode and in cloud mode with the isCloud() function.

The function returns true if the script is executed on the Cloud, false else.



functionIfCloud() } else { functionIfOnNormalPost() }


















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